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 Writing + Copy Samples

I have experience writing content for traditional and digital media,
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ACT Test Prep: A Manual for High School Students

Good news! The ACT is NOT like other high school tests you’ve taken – tests where you need to memorize facts and recite that information back on test day. The ACT Reading section is based on comprehension. Meaning: everything you need to know to answer ACT Reading questions can be found in the ACT passage - you just need to sort out what it is saying to you.

So, How Do I Study? Read! Reading – whether the daily newspaper, your favorite book or a graphic novel - is hands down the best way to “study” in the weeks leading up to the ACT. The kicker is to spice it up and read different styles of writing. Turn it into a game: see how many different writing styles you can read over a 1 week period. Read a section, then take a moment to summarize what the paragraph is saying. Just remember: you don’t need to memorize ­- this is about thinking through the ideas behind what you are reading.

Changing Collector Demographics: Addressing the Impact of Alternative Marketing Models on the Commercial Art Market

America’s wealth distribution has recently reconfigured to reveal an emerging sector of middle market consumers. According to the US Census Bureau (1970 - 2000), the number of US households earning incomes between $40,000 - $200,000 has increased, presenting a new marketing opportunity directed at middle market consumers. While the 1970 market portrays a disparity between high and low income brackets, current indications highlight a new middle market consisting of roughly 47 million households earning at and above the national average (Silverstien, Fiske 2004).

Despite an increase in household income and net worth, consumer spending as a percentage of income has decreased. Economists Nunes, Johnson and Breene believe this discrepancy unveils a largely untapped market share whose lack of spending suggests a failure by contemporary marketers to address, or better stimulate, these households’ needs and desires.

Blog Content: An Apfel A Day

I love this woman. LOVE her. At 92, Iris Apfel is fearless and incomparable, with more moxie than I know how to handle. I adore the fact that she is absolutely, unapologetically and authentically herself. Needless to say, I got very excited on this dreary Monday morning when I read about One King’s Lane’s latest sale of goodies – pieces all hand selected and curated by the venerable Ms. Apfel herself.

Available through April 15th, this Tastemaker Tag Sale might be One King’s Lane’s greatest tag sale to date. Hop over for a swoon. Oh, and their interview video below is fantastically lovely as well. Happy Monday!

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